Help with Sassilization errors!

Hello everyone, I have recently been interested in setting up a Sassilization server and have fixed most of it but I’m still getting an error that is stopping the whole Gamemode from working. I know as much as I’m missing a module known as hsp however, I have the hsp module. All the other modules are working fine, it’s just this one that is being a pain. Aside from that everything else it working fine like MySql database etc…
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
(If you are going to post something stupid/unhelpful, then don’t post at all.)

Errors Below:

[Error] gamemodes/stbase/gamemode/init.lua:6: Couldn't load module library!
1. require - [C]:-1
2. unknown - gamemodes/stbase/gamemode/init.lua:6
3. DeriveGamemode - [C]:-1
4. unknow - gamemodes/bhop/gamemode/init.lua:8

Couldn't Load Init Script: 'STBase/gamemode/init.lua'

[ERROR] gamemode/bhop/gamemode/shared.lua:32: attempt to index global 'STGamemodes' <a nil value>
1. unknown - gamemodes/bhop/gamemode/shared.lua:32
2. include - [C]:-1
3. unknown - gamemodes/bhop/gamemode/init.lua:8

[Error] gamemodes/bhop/gamemode/init.lua:14

Couldn't Load Init Script: 'bhop/gamemode/init.lua'

[ERROR] gamemodes/bhop/gamemode/shared.lua:20: attempt to call method 'TeamSetupSpeed' <a nil value>
1. unknown - gamemodes/bhop/gamemode/shared.lua:20

Speaking of stupidly unhelpful, you can’t expect all of us to already have or hunt down that gamemode. You need to post the contents of the error-causing file for us.

I will add init.lua and shared.lua now. I know it is a missing module but I’m just unsure of what one it is.