Help With Screenshot Destination

I recently bought Garry’s Mod for the mac and have taken a bunch of screenshots and i cant find them. Where is the default destination?

Thanks guys,

They’ll probably be in the garrysmod/screenshots folder.

Yeah, find your Computer icon (if there is one) goto the C: drive ,find steam ,then steamapps, then garrysmod, then garrysmod again, then find screenshots and your set.

He said mac.

Mac does not list it as the C:/ Drive.

Well, heres me to the rescue

Ok, goto “[USER](aka, home)/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/[STEAM_USERNAME]/garrysmod/garrysmod/” and you will see a folder called “Screenshots” once you scroll a little. Also, the other files are mainly for moding the game (No, this does not mean you can put hacking mods) and the addons folder is for adding files that been packed to be easily placed inside that works like if placing into the main folder.
I thought you would need this on the way of playing garrys mod, also, visit for the mods.