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So, i’ve read a lot of guides (the wiki one) and lots of port-fowarding guides too. But i can’t make my server work. I want to make a “for friends” server, i know that the wiki guide is for dedicad

My Internet doesn’t have a router, it’s just a modem that connects to my internet provider (Velox) that connects automatically. When I go port-foward, it don’t work. I say my ip to my friends but they still can’t connect “Failed After 4 Retries” then I’ve them to type “connect myip:27015” but i got the same error. I saw the other topic with a guy that wanted to set up a server for friends, then a guy gave a link for free-servers, but the problem is the ping, because i’m in south america, servers from US get a ping of “100/200” MS. I wan’t the ping to be the less possible…

Model Dlink DSL-500B
Internet Provider Velox (Brazil)
Location: South America / Brazil
Ps.: I acess the modem configartion page trough “”
Port-Fowarding Screen:

If more information is needed, just tell me. Sorry if i am too much dumb (i know i am).
Thanks for the support (:

Go to start->run->cmd
Type “ipconfig”
Find the adaptor connected to your router (in my case it’s “Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection”)
Find “IPv4 Address” (“” for me, will start with “192.168.1.x” for you)
On your router page down the left go to “DMZ Host” and put in that IP.

Thanks, I’ll do it right now -
I will post results ASAP.

It worked very well, thanks (:

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