Help with server 2.4.2 Darkrp

Good time in B hour challenge game mode is not changed and should be DarkRP Sandbox is a config DarkRP worth a look in the console of the server which file can fail and let that be wrong runs Garry’s mod through the modes from the server and not (

Erm… yes?

From what i’m getting from your question is that you’re asking why DarkRP dosen’t load?

If that’s the case then make sure that the lines “sv_defaultgamemode” “darkrp” are in both your server.cfg and your autoexec.cfg.

If that’s not the question then please attempt to use better english

This line is a autoexec.cfg. no it is because of his server does not start snuzhnym rizhimom me?? escho that be??

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… no?


i laughed my ass off at this.


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Sir, we don’t use ‘XD’ here on FacePunch.

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I don’t know how you translated that shit. You are a winner.