Help with server crashes

Can somebody help me, there are 2 things wrong with my server things. When ever i try to create a server, it goes back to the starting menu. And if i do make a server, the moment my brother joins it it crashes my computer and i have to open task manager just to get out.

Are there any errors in the console when you start the server?

Nope, but i found the problem, it was an addon. But it is an addon i want to keep and no matter how many times i redownload it, it keeps crashing my game

Which addon is it then?

It’s the Space Build Enhancement project



Don’t bump it every 3 hours, jeez. Check to see if the new update fucked it. Check if there is a new update to see if it fixes it.

srry for bumping, just really wanted to get an answer, and i’ll try doing that


oh, maybe it was because i was doing “create multiplayer” but now i have a dedicated server, and another problem, i don’t know how to add addons to it

It’s exactly like adding addons to a client-side game. Simply place the addon inside the Addons folder, and you’re good to go.

thx, okay, my server should be up and running as soon as i find how to add myself as server owner

Just add your SteamID in settings/clients.txt (or something like that)

I did, but it can only set my as superadmin, not server owner

That’s the highest rank you can get in GMod. Unless you use a custom admin add-on.

alright, but how do i change the limits and things INGAME, it just says u need to be a server operator

Use the admin mod of your choice or rcon.

I got 2 admin mods and i figured it out, thanks to all the poeplez that posted!

why the FUCK do you need two admin mods


on a fail server run by a fail owner that’s never going to get any players

how about if it’s not helpful, then don’t post