Help with server lag spikes

Hi I’m paying for a NFO server host the pc specs are:

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2690v2 (Ivy Bridge-E 3.0ghz) node with 20 total processor cores and 128 gigabytes of RAM. But im not the only server on this node…

not workshop addons:

Nyan cat gun - TTT
TTT spectator Deathmatch
tttspawnshop (A simple costume addons that opens a gun shop at the start of each round)
Weapon Information System

workshop addons:

TTT Weapon Collection
and about 15 maps

So when the server has been up and full for a long time its starts having lag spikes where the ping dose not change but everyone freezes for a sec every now and then. is this because of any addons or should I contact nfo and see why its lagging ?

It can be many factors. It could be your addons, or it could be that NFO is overloading the core your server is on. Since NFO has 128 Gigs of RAM on that machine, I believe they are putting atleast 2-3 customers per CPU core since each SRCDS instance uses at most 700MB of RAM. (Could be reserved for Minecraft servers aswell though)

What you can do is to add -tickrate 33 to your servers startup parameters and see if it helps. If it doesn’t, contact NFO and ask them how many customers they squeeze in on that core your server are on. (SRCDS’s physics can only utilize one CPU core)