Help with server not showing in list

Hey guys

I am helping an admin out troubleshoot some issues he is having with his server, namely it isn’t showing in the list. It was showing last night and this morning early but something has happened since then that has caused it to disappear from the list but still be accessible via IP.

We have worked through a number of things and eliminated a number of possible causes, namely:

  • Confirmed version is the same as my server which does show in the list
  • Confirmed it is not a naming convention violation
  • Tested and confirmed it is not a firewall issue
  • Latest updates downloaded from Steam
  • Server is vanilla - no mods whatsoever
  • Blew away the saves and set up a new server identity and new Seed, same issue
  • tested with and without

That has left us with the following suspicion:

  • Possible server update/client mismatch - have had this in the past, but expect that if this was the case mine also wouldn’t show in the list

  • The owner suspects IP blacklisting. The IP of the server is

Anyone else having a similar issue lately? We are both at a loss and short of testing by moving the server to an entirely different IP, don’t know what else we can test…

I am having the same exact issue. I fear that for whatever reason, our IP was blacklisted because as soon as I changed the IP of the physical server, the rust server is showing up in the list again.

I don’t know what is going on but I think this needs to be addressed because there’s no reason my IP should be blacklisted.

For what it’s worth, I’m running the following setup:
Rust server “Release” version downloaded directly from steamcmd (not some “cracked” version or w/e).
Oxide 2 build 20 20141102
Oxide Plugins:
Auto Broadcast
Building Owners
Bag Cleanup
Custom Chat Commands
Enhanced ban System
Door Lock/Unlock
Building Rate
Crafting Rate
Gather Rate
Locks Fix
Teleportation System
Modify Time
Player List
Player Location
Private Messaging
Death Messages
Restrict Names
Prod Tool

I hope someone from FacePunch can look into this and at the very least, provide some info as to what is going on; and if for some reason the IP is indeed blacklisted, provide info as to why. My servers original IP is

To add to what Keldek mentioned,

Not sure if related or not, but as I explained to Keldek yesterday, we were suffering from an attack. Spikes of 11MBps on the server as well. Appears many other servers were getting hit the same way. I’m wondering if there’s some type of de-listing due to the instability experienced??

i noticed mine had been empty all day so i went to check on it and its not showing up in the list either.

you can connect to it with client.connect but no show in the list at all.
it also is running oxide 2.
my server ip is

is there a place we can check if our ip has been blacklisted ?

Did all your buildings and items get wiped but TPL and homes still saved? That’s how this all started (for me, once I seen something was awry). Once I finally got onto ours manually by ip connect, I seen all items were gone.

To clarify about that, in mine (not the one I am posting about) had this issue last night. For all intents and purposes the server seemed wiped after some maintenance (Steam Update and other tweaks) but the server was still loading 9000+ objects. I found that for some reason (after some time, lol) that my hostname had reverted to “Rust Experimental Server” so i had to use server.hostname to set it back and everything came back following a reboot.

Working with Good Guy Dave (The owner of the server not showing in the list) last night and we found that there was a lot of wierd shit going on last night and at one point, but Dave’s issue started this morning after nothing had been done work wise on the server.

Certainly strange

Well, the obvious is obvious… and it’s quite obvious that our IP was blacklisted for some reason; and if this isn’t addressed (which I doubt it will be), we’ll just let it run on the new IP until something gets screwed on that one; and after that we’ll simply stop hosting.

And before some snarky dbag comes in and tosses their 2cents where it isn’t needed, we don’t do anything nefarious whatsoever. Hell, we don’t even advertise our server, have no banners that we could possibly pump fake stats into, n website, no donations… nothing but the official server and oxide 2 mods. So if the IP was blacklisted, it’s damn sure not because of something we did…

Yeah certainly seems to be the case doesn’t it? I would be interested in the why behind how some servers are being blacklisted that are clearly not fucking around with stats or other underhanded stuff like that

Yeah well, we went from being one of the top 3 servers (by population) during CST prime time hours, and now we have a whole 23 people on… so I wonder if running a popular server is what gets you nixed…

all my stuff is still there tp 's are saved

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hmm i had 10 to 20 on everyday now i cant even be found i dont even show up in my own history.

Make sure your firewall or antivirus isn’t blocking Rust, if you’re using security software. If you happen to be using BitDefender, you need to turn off stealth mode.

If you aren’t using an antivirus or firewall, that’s a bit of a new problem.

oh yea im using some anti virus
however i see nothing were it blocking ive even disabled it to check and still nothing

Lads, confirming that the admin I was helping out was indeed blacklisted, apparently Facepunch sent him a message indicating the IP was then removed, and hes now back up and running, so hope that assists you guys with your own queries…

Note there was also no explanation as to why the IP was blacklisted in the first place so I can’t tell you the how or the why behind it at this stage…

How do we contact facepunch to get this resolved?
I understand its alpha and shit happens , but it would be nice to see my server listed , was getting alot of people recently and now the server is dead.
I dont mind waiting it out I was assuming it was a alpha thing and things break but if im blacklisted id like to know why and unban me I did nothing wrong at all.
And whatever program your using to blacklist peoples servers please fix it or remove it because its not working correctly.

My ip is

Assuming that FP are watching these posts because all we did was post here and dafin0 was contacted to say the blacklist was reverted for his server, so I guess its a bit of a waiting game, sorry I cant help you out more

Please, remove my server from a black list:

Mine is working again, thanks

I believe my server ip was accidentally black-listed as well. It would be nice if someone could assist me with that but I will wait patiently.

Seems like most innocent people that Got blacklisted are caught inside à range ban.
I believe that the only way for you guys is to change location/host.

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Popovspb, there was 57fake servers in your ip range, more then unlikely that you Will get unbanned

Same here…

I pay FPS for my server and play it fairly. So it is legit.

It IP is

It is not in the Community, Modded or History lists. But, I can log in by F1.

I cannot understand how a mister can do like that…