Help With Server Side Streaming Radio (just hear me out)

So I know this type of question has been posted 100’s of times and don’t misunderstand me I have done my research, and know the only was to do this is to use “GM_BASS” or “HTML” and that the use of HTML is not very efficient. I hunted the googles and found an active download link to an old gamemode that used the GM_BASS module (so I have it now what). I want to use that and this type of MP3 player VGUI skin and setup (I like simple) so what I would like help with because I’m not the godly coders like you so I need some help in implementing the module with an MP3 player menu that would only be accessed by (admins) and allow people to hear the music over the server.

I’m not a “godly coder” by any means. But I’ve set one up. But Since you’ve done research, and you’re not just saying “Halp I dun kno hw 2 maek radio?”, give me a PM and I’ll point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

With this gm_bass module you can’t stream music. But you can ask AzuiSleet to give you latest one and example code how to stream url’s from internet

ps just a little help: latest gm_bass should contain BASS:StreamFileURL or something like this (don’t remember correctly)
pss also this is not effective way because game can’t download module and required files for it (or atleast place them in right folders) so they should install it manually.

I’ve helped him out with it :slight_smile: I would post a tutorial for setting one up, but it’s ridiculously hard to explain. At least for me it is. It would be a waste of time posting a tutorial, and I can’t release it in addon format without being asked 300 times what to do with the music files etc. It’s not a static code. Things will need to be changed to work. =\ shrug

good lua coders who need this will understand it as it is others should learn lua

We really need a module that allows you to stream music to the client using the mic system…

Exactly. Why reinvent the wheel?

Then we don’t need even gmod. Just use hlss

HLSS sounds like shit, and is shit altogether.

I’ll write up a tutorial later or today. Honestly, people say HTML is bad, and will crash clients and such, I’ve never had it once. So expect a tutorial soonish O.o

Edit: When I think about it though. Should I even make one? Streaming music is a special thing only a couple servers have. If I put a tutorial out, people will just be like “Oh… Streaming music. coughgaycough

I’ve considered it, but it would be messy, and limited to the voice codec, which is awful for streaming music.

i don’t know really, i already have html based music system so i don’t really need it but maybe you are right.

The Jukebox system Sassilization servers are using is perfect…

Okay? Did we say they weren’t? And no they aren’t. They don’t work for me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So, perfect wouldn’t be the right choice of words.

Could you also “point me in the right direction”?

Alright. If you want to know how, You need to know most of the following;

  • Lua of course

If you don’t know php or mysql, it’s not a huge problem, but you’ll need to know quite a bit of lua, and flash. If you do, PM me and I’ll tell you what you need.

Azu, you should put some pressure on Garry to include your Chrome module. Is alot more efficiant, reliable… The list goes on. Please do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, a tutorial really shouldn’t be done. Perfecting a system like this is really something which helps you learn, because you can’t cut corners; you need to optimise where you can or 50% of your clients crash.

All you need is lua (PHP if you want to optimise it , Flash if you want your own videos , MySQL if you don’t want to use usermessages for the song list)

Yeah. If I were to make a tutorial, it would be the most basic. And when I say “point in the right direction” I mean just that. I’ll tell you how it can work, and you figure out the rest. It’s a pretty neat thing to have on your server, so you should work for that.

The HTML panel for LUA works perfectly if you want to stream lots of different songs.
If you have 4 or 5 songs you want to play, then consider having them download the sound files when they join, and use Entity.EmitSound to have the radio play the song.

I’ve already got a radio system that streams from Youtube if you want it.

no I want to steam to the server with out the client downloading the MP3 and allow an admin class pick a song for the server like a DJ

lol sorry about this Skapocalypse thanks for the help again and anyone who think they can help me and others.