Help with server

I Don’t Want any Bad feedback please, I need help with my server, such as FastDL, Addons

If interested, Add me on Skype, my Username is “niko.imperial” I have a Minecraft Player as my Skype Profile Picture

Why not just ask on here so other people can learn too? What exactly are you having difficulties with?

ill help you out :stuck_out_tongue: my Skype name is theGoldTrigger

For FastDL just create a file under lua/autorun/server and call it fastdl.lua (not required) then inside you can add files using


and workshop content by using


If you want you can create another file in lua/autorun but make sure you use

if (SERVER) then

No point really to make a file in lua/autorun; just always run the code serverside. Not to mention that if you use FastDL, you must have an sv_downloadurl.