Help with setting up a server

I just hired a server that I intended to use for darkRP
I have darkRP 2.4.1,ULX on there and I’m having some trouble with that
First up
I have no idea how to make the “cp station” in “rp_downtown_v2” CP and mayor only
and I have no idea how to set admins/super admins

Lets just say, this is my first attempt at making a rp server, and I need as much help as possible
the only thing I have successfully done is get it up and running with a map and darkRP somewhat working ( but not like I have seen on other servers )

You can add your self to admin through rcon.

rcon_password “your password”
rcon ulx adduser “your name” “group” “immunity”

once you have admin you should be able to set the door groups by pressing F2, and selecting reset groups button at the bottom.

Ok, thanks, This might be a really stupid question. But here goes, would you be able to help me pretty much completely set it up ?

I don’t have the time to set it up, I myself am setting up my own server

I can help. I already have a server running. sandbox and GMS gamemodes. PM me your Steam account name so I can add you.

EDIT: wait no I can’t. I don’t know anything about DarkRP (I hate that gamemode ;_:wink:

Makes doors cops only in DarkRP 2.4.1 is easy,

Go to Reset Door Groups
Then Cops & Mayor only

To bring up the door menu, use F2 or reload while using keys.

Mishappp explains how to add admins and superadmins
Check your server console that ULX is adding modules, this means
that ulx is registering correctly as it may not be.

ok, what are the commands usually set at ? because at the moment everything is weird, like you run pretty damn slow, jobs arent paid, people dont get arrested and go to jail. All I need know is like one super console command ( with all the things set to common ones ) and I’ll be sweet.