help with sniper scopes

all the scopes shake when you scope in on a target, it never has before.
any ideas on how to fix it?

Can you be more specific?

What addons have you installed lately?
Which snipers? All or just a selected few?

all snipers and no real big addons except for maps that i made

That’s supposed to be the player character breathing; I think it’s supposed to happen.

Well dumbshit, buy a real rifle, with a scope on it, now walk in any direction and try to use the scope at the same time.

Also, try sprinting and reloading a .50 cal at the same time.

Now your dumb missing brain would have realized that the shake is somewhat realistic, be grateful it does not require you to go prone on a sandbag or pay for the rifle and the ammo.

I can see why you were banned from

If you installed the Insurgency SWEPs, Zoey included a script for moving the scope. You can remove it, but I forgot where it is.

You can get banned from flaming on now?

1)I never said anything about being realistic
2)I was asking how to fix it, not if it was realistic or not

Thanks for your 0.02

Maybe he doesn’t want the realism.

You’re a douchebag man.

No-one wants you here, twat.

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If enough people spam Garry’s e-mail about you consistently enough.

Alright enough of the flame wars and lets actually help the guy…

And before I say anything notice how he said “it never has before”
Before referring to before the scope starting changing…

First does it do it with the cs:s scout?

If not then those other snipers were programmed to do so.
If so then you downloaded something that caused that. What did you download I don’t know… maybe in some addon or something…

If it is the second one then the only thing i can think of is having to reinstall every single weapon’s pack that you have.

exactly i dont

Nah let’s have realism

Let’s have it so swinging around a 3-foot-long crowbar actually takes effort and getting shot in the face kills you