Help with some GIMP effects.

Well, I’m trying to get some sort of steam effect and a shock wave effect on GIMP, but I cant seem to find any tutorial for this effects… So I might have to ask here, if any of you could teach me how or link me to a nice tutorial.

Help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

What do you mean. Could you show an example of what you are trying to make?

I think Chesty has one for the shock-wave effect.

For the shock wave, i was talking about something like this…

The shock wave that goes before the explosion’s flash, that kind of effect.

As for the steam effect, I cant find any good example of it, but i can describe it… (I hope)
Its like when something throws hot gas/vapor, and it blurs the sight, or it could be too like a hovering effect.


This video shows kinda the effect I want, (Look at the ambient, the heat makes it blurry, thats the kind of effect I’m trying to get)

For shock waves I do this: I make a circle selection, then subtract the center area from the selection so I have a ring-shaped selection. After that I feather the selection a bit. Then some IWarping and that’s it.


Like this.

Shockwave can be made by circle selecting the area that you want the wave, copying what you have selected to a new layer, and scaling it a little bigger. Then make another circle selection inside your the part that you copied (slightly smaller, and with feather edges on and set to around 30-40. You find the feather edges option in the context menu in the GIMP menu) delete what you have selected and rotate it a little bit. Then apply some gaussian blur (5 or so) and you should have a pretty good looking shockwave. You could also do some radial blur if you want to.
(or IWarping like Joazzz said)

As for the heat rippling, all you have to do is make a selection with the free select (the lasso where you just draw the selection) that is in a sort of smoke shape. Copy what you selected to a new layer and apply the filter “Spread” (found in the filter > noise menu) depending on how distorting you want the heat to be make the number bigger or smaller (not too big though, have it around 1-5) then apply some gaussian blur (1-3) and you should be done.

does that go for the same with water ripples?

Hmm… Interesting. Haven’t ever been thinking of editing a shockwave.