Help with some Gmod Trix


Yeah, Mostly I just wanna know How do people get ragdolls/NPC’s into cars…

well Im pretty sure those arent NPC’s, but I can’t see how could you put a ragdoll in there too…

So do other machinimaists Use Hamachi to connect with other players or something?

Or is there another Gmod trick? :stuck_out_tongue:

feel free to post any other Gmod trix you know that are cool :slight_smile:
They will be met with deepest gratitude ;D - my video “Car Chase Fortress”

What I did was first, posed the ragdolls out of the cars. Made them statues (you dont have to). Used no collide for the cars and ragdolls. To make the ragdolls stay put, I aether used smart weld and selected the area in which the ragdoll and car was in. If the car would disappear, if I smart welded it, I would weld a prop to the ragdoll (can), no collide both ragdoll and car and weld the prop attached to the ragdoll outside of the car. Then I would just move it using another prop and ball sockets attached to the car or drive the car with my self in it, but with an invisible player model.

I hoped this helped and did not sound as retarded and poorly explained as I think it did! :smiley:

Edit: What is Hamachi?

Hamachi is a LAN party program. It act’s as a bridge for you and your friends to play a LAN game through

And thanks, Ima try what you said :slight_smile: