Help with some scary stuff.

Title says it, I need help with some spooky stuff that can scare a player. Anyways, I’m making a horror map for HL2:EP2 and I need help with figuring out how to:

  1. Make the players screen shake.
  2. Make npcs (stalker perhaps) appear lets say, in a hallway and then dissappear shortly after.
  3. Make shadows run across the room like in f.e.a.r and dissappear into a wall or behind some corner of a wall.
  4. Make objects like prop_physics shake or get thrown into the air like theres an earthquake (but really its a raged ghost =3)
  5. Anybody got some good scary sounds?

And I’m making the functions in the map first, so i really dont have anything to show yet, details and stuffs come later.

Dont forget the screamers.

what screamers? lol.

[li]env_shake[/li][li]Not too sure. Maybe a track then after 2 seconds Kill the npc entity.[/li][li]No idea here. Sorry.[/li][li]Possible but I’m not too sure how.[/li][li]Stingers / Music:[/li][ul][li]music\stingers\industrial_suspense2.wav[/li][li]music\stingers\HL1_stinger_song8.mp3[/li][li]music\stingers\HL1_stinger_song7.mp3[/li][li]music\stingers\HL1_stinger_song28.mp3[/li][li]music\stingers\HL1_stinger_song27.mp3[/li][li]music\stingers\HL1_stinger_song16.mp3[/ul][/li][li]Soundscapes:[ul][*]d1_town.Start[/li][li]d1_town.Street[/li][li]d1_town.CorpseRoom[/li][li]d1_town.WoodBuilding[/li][li]d1_town.ConcreteBuilding[/li][li]d1_town.Rooftop[/li][li]d1_town.MineshaftDown[/li][li]d1_town.WaterCave[/li][li]d1_town.HeadcrabCave[/li][li]d1_town.CaveTunnel[/ul][/li][li]Skyboxes:[/li][ul][li]sky_borealis01[/li]




Good luck! That’s just a few things a good horror map might have.

thx :slight_smile:

where did you find the music?
edit: nevermind, i extracted the ‘source sounds’ .gcf file to a folder on the desktop, thx for the spookiness :slight_smile:

sorry for double post but could anybody plz help me how to get a point_spotlight go fluorescent with a light_spot? dont know if its possible though…

Check this old thread:
Has some really good examples and tips on how to make things.

OK, how about making a florescent light on the ceiling, break on the one end, so it falls down and hangs by a rope or w.e at the end, but only on a trigger event?

Tutorials, please?

if you want to make screen shake - create entity called env_shake (or something like that)

For the shadows, use a dynamic light, then have an npc that is translucent run past it.