Help with something...

Hi guys, I’ve just subscribed to the forum and try to learn a little more about extracting models from games, also I have GMod and wanted to make models for it, but I have a wall in my way:
anyone know how to open these files?
How the name of the link says, it’s Lord Van Bloot, from the game Chaotic Shadow Warriors from wii, extracting the models from there was reeeeeally though, but when I do the “easy” part, it comes with the names extensions: .MODEL ; .SKIN ; .SHD ; and .GCT.
Any tips? Remember that’s from Wii version of the game.

Sorry for the up, but I’ve uploaded all of the extracted stuff from the Chaotic DVD, so if someone may interest in keep it but doesn’t know how the fuck to extract (believe-me, I got lucky) so here you go:
Used 7-Zip to compress. Hope I see ragdolls, NPC’s and playermodels of them soon (Chaor playermodel first plz).