Help with soundscape source sdk counterstrike

Hi im working on a map and there seems to be an error with my soundscape script. This is the console error -

KeyValues Error: RecursiveLoadFromBuffer: got } in key in file scripts/soundscapes_ctf_ambience.txt
Custom.Ambience002, playlooping,
Setting invalid soundscape, Custom.Ambience001(and 002), as the active soundscape. There is probably no script entry matching this name. BUG THIS!

Here’s the pastebin of the current soundscape text for the map -

the map name is “ctf_ambience” the name of the soundscript is - “soundscapes_ctf_ambience.txt” the name of the file in the manifest is - “file” “scripts/soundscapes_ctf_ambience.txt”

Im very exhausted and probably missing something in the actual soundscape file, or my syntax is off from inexperience. Thanks for any help/replies

fixed - needed some indentation and organization rework