Help with spacebuild 3


I’ve installed SB3, CAF, and LS3. everything seems to work but when I go to spacebuild and go into space the readout (air, coolant, energy) doesn’t show, but it does when I go under water. I’m using SVN (of course) is this a bug in the current SVN or what?


  • Ulrich

EDIT: Also, if I stay in space I don’t die.

Did you get both parts of LS3? (entities and core)

You also need Resource Distribution 3 (RD3).

Also, SB3 goes in addons, not gamemodes.

If you have all that stuff, go to the CAF tab in your tools menu, and make sure SB3 is enabled. If it is disabled, and LS3 is enabled, that would explain this.

Go here:
Get all the ones with “Necessary” next to them.
SVN Tutorial: