Help with Sprite Detailing Textures and Cubemap problem

  1. I used a texture that caused grass detail sprites (one of these: to appear wherever the texture was. I liked the look (it was far cleaner than placing prop_details manually), but grass should not have been growing in that location and have changed the texture. I would like to have that look elsewhere but have forgotten how I did it. I think it was a dirt or grass texture in the ‘nature’ group but that is all I can remember.

I don’t know if it was the brush texture or the info_overlay texture I had on top of it.

Anyone know how I did that so I can reproduce it?

Is there a list of source default textures that do this king of sprite detailing automatically? Was what I witnessed just a one-time bug (I’ve been having trouble reproducing it).

  1. For some reason my map isn’t saving cubemaps. There are no ‘Texture’ entries in the bsp when I look in it with a BSP tool so there is nothing to delete a la this guide When loaded into GMOD it just tells me that it failed when loading the cubemaps and is loading the defaultcubemaps instead.

This is only started happening recently and I have no idea why. Can someone help me cubemap properly again?

I am using Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer version of Hammer configured for GarrysMod. Vanilla everything.

Also, console is spamming:

Failed, using default cubemap ‘engine/defaultcubemap’

Getting the same cubemap error. The error is also accompanied by another message stating “Can’t load skybox file painted to build the default cubemap!”.

I’ll assume you’re using a painted skybox yes?

Apparently the ‘buildcubemaps’ issue has been fixed this patch, but it seems whatever has been done to achieve this now causes conflict when you are using the ‘painted’ skybox texture, since it isn’t actually a physical skybox texture but based on realtime values.

Yes, I’m using a painted skybox. What was this ‘buildcubemaps’ fix that caused this regression.