Help with starting to lua code!

Hey. So I really have been wanting to get into Lua for a while now (specifically for gmod ofc) and I was wondering if anyone had any useful resources/guides besides or (outdated guides). Would I be better off learning lua normally and not trying to just focus on gmod?
Any help is appreciated.

Come on…, please google, there are also literally 10,000 topics of this in the forums

I started with learning GLua and still is learning a lot. Lua is kinda easy in the basics if you just get it. Anyway C++ and C# is also an good thing to start out with cause of all those tutorials and Microsofts Visual Studios

Well Duh :3 While that has answered part of my question I also want to know whether I should learn the whole language or just completely focus on gmod related lua.

Learn full Lua, it’s pretty amazing.

There’s actually literally not.

I meant on developer section, not on the google search.
the google search was for “Where do i get started” kinda thing.

To be honest, I was just pointing out your crappy usage of the word ‘literally’.

“informal used for emphasis while not being literally true” may be outdated but it still has a lot of functions documented that aren’t on the official Garry’s Mod wiki. Most of them still work fine as well.

“Actually; without exaggeration or inaccuracy: The city was literally destroyed.”

Their definition is ridiculous and recursive.

I do agree that literally should only mean in a literal manner or sense, it’s kinda stupid how the word has 2 opposite meanings…

What I used to do is just look around the wiki and find something cool and then try to do it myself with my own twist on Garrysmod. Right now I’m trying to figure out this whole Nextbot business.

Thanks for the great list of references!

Yeah I’ve been trying to do that recently. Some of it is very hard to understand though. Occasionally I like looking at predone stuff and just reading the code sometimes helps me.

Thanks to these people for posting something useful and not arguing about the definition of ‘Literally’.