Help with SVN

Maybe This is not important but i cant do any thing any more on gmod when i dont have wire mod :slight_smile: waiting all night already. :’(
WHen i check out on the map called Wiremod on my desktop, after i found the url down here.

this url comes from wiki. than i get this message

Repository moved temporarily to ‘’;
please relocate

I coppied that url from above and than i got this message
OPTIONS of ‘’: 200 OK (

They moved it for a while. Lemme see if i can find it…

But on wiki site the other wire svn’s dont work either :open_mouth: cause i need wire pack to . byt that svn doesnt work either.

and ty for helping me.

When you use that link, it will download all 3 into 1 folder, wich you then just take out. Just remember to delete the folder afterwards.

Thank you :slight_smile:

hey, anyone know why they took the holoemmiters out of the WIRE svn?

They didn’t.