Help with Tables


I am a beginner in lua and I couldn’t find a video/website that really teached me or told me how to understand tables and where I can use it or for what. If you can give me an example of table, for what I can use it or where to use it I would appreciate it. (Nothing too advanced just something you think I will understand of what tables are)

** What I think or I know I can use tables for: **

· Divide groups of items/items.

· Divide items by IDs, Ex: Fish = 1, Banana = 2, Garry = 3

That is the only things I know/I think I can use tables for now. ( Give me more examples of what I can use tables for please )

** Post links of websites, videos or other resources I can understand more about tables **

I AM TALKING ABOUT LUA TABLES, NOT WOOD OR OTHER MATERIALS TABLES ( I said that because I know some funny guy( not actually funny ) will come and say “You can put cups or eat in tables.” that kind of stuff.

Maybe this will help a bit