help with textures in hammer plz

i have just gotten hammer but it cant find any textures, i looked for wad. files but it cant display any. help anyone?

I don’t know why you weren’t getting any textures, but we don’t use .wads anymore, we use individual .vtfs and .vmts. Your textures should be in Hammer by default

im also getting a problem like that were i dont have any textures, never did that before

well, the list of textures when i look is empty, plus its looking for wad files and i cant get it to change

Give me a print screen.
Are you using Hammer 4.0? (In the source SDK?)

i dont know, its the latest one off the site, ill post a screenie later, but i dont know what u want one of tho

wait, i think i got 3.4, where do i get 4.0?, im a first time mapper

You get 4.0 in the “Play Games” Steam menu, at the bottom where it says Source SDK. Get the SDK and Hammer 4.0 is in it.

ok, ill give it a go, ill post to see if any probs come

Press F1 for a basic tutorial.
I tried to download Hammer 3.4 before I knew how to map :dance:.

In your Steam menu, under tools, you’ll see one named ‘Source SDK’. Load that up.

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