Help with textures on other maps

Ok I’m trying to remove a texture on a map and make it a better one but I’m not sure how to do that. I’ve been told I could use GCFScape but I did that and extracted files from the map file and remade a few textures but they never worked. People told me that I can also use Hammer editor and clearly didn’t tell me any instructions on how to. So I would like good answers. The map I tryed to change textures on was De_Dolls by changing the posters just for myself but it didn’t work so please help me.

You should of posted in the question mega thread.

You can use VIDE, which lets you load and unload textures out of .bsps

Use VIDE’s Pakfile Lump Editor to replace the files.

Thanks very much, I will now use it and try to use this.

Go into hammer, click the texture button, click the replace button, and choose your texture to replace it with.

You can’t do that to maps already made without a vmf.

Clearly you can’t read sir, I already have said hammer doesn’t work with the stuff. Vide works but sometimes when I edit the vtfs it crashes. All I wanted to do was make the path like the others and it crashes at 98% at times.