Help with textures.

I’ve just started working on a HUD and was planning on using some silkicons on it. But when i go to try to convert them to a vtf they look horrible (see below). I was wandering if anyone knows how to do it properly/not look horrible.

H is the one that comes with garrysmod.
N is the original .png
M is the one i tried to convert.

Any help is much appreciated.

P.S. I know this isn’t really Lua would it be better for me to post this in “Models / Skins”?

Although this is for a lua HUD, it should really be in the Models/Skins subforum, a mod will probably move it for you. As for the problem, post the vmt code and what you did to the vtf (i.e. resize).

Okay well if a mod feels that it would be better elsewhere feel free to move it. The .vmt is below and all i did to it was import it into VTFEdit with the settings below and then save it. That’s the only way i know how to convert them.

	"$basetexture"		"HUD/group"
	"$ignorez"			"1"
	"$vertexcolor" 		"1"
	"$vertexalpha" 		"1"
	"$nolod" 			"1"

VTFEdit settings: