Help with the Paint Tool

Hello FacePunch Community,

I’m new here but i’ve been using gmod for almost 1 year.

Yesterday, i was messing on gm_construct map with my friend… and we found that BLANK room on a very deep room of the map… and when we figured out we could color the walls, we decided to use them as painting tables, using the paint tool, like you can see on this pic:

Well, it was cool, but the problem is… the first paint decals disappear after a while, like there was a MAX number of them allowed… can i change it through console? (And yes, i was the admin)

Before someone tells me to use the RIGHT mouse button, i can say i wouldn’t like do to that because the decals “lines” wont be so smooth as when using the left mouse button

Plus, does anyone know any other better tool to make what i want… like a brush tool or something… (I’ve tried something using a screen and wiremod but the screen is too tiny compared with a wall) I’ve searched over and haven’t find any…

EDIT: Oh, i forgot to say, i’ve tried the solution of THIS thread, but it still didn’t work…

Well, thanks in advance.

how do i fix errors sign in game (multiplayer)

Sorry, but… what does it have to do with the topic? O_o

Hm… i guess no one here will ever try to help. Well, it’s okay, i don’t mind. If any mod happen to pass around here, please, remove / lock / whatever this topic. Thanks.