Help with Tiramisu Factions

This may seem like the most stupid problem ever, but it’s seriously crippling my server.

My factions are being stubborn, and no items are issued when someone joins a faction. The errors in the console point to the supposed culprit of the problem, cl_inventory.lua, but I can find nothing wrong. It gives the errors as the lines “109 and 598”, and that it can’t do something with “itemtable”.

Will post error code in the reply, if anyone needs it.

This just keeps repeating over and over in the console. It also makes items unable to move in the inventory until the current character is respawned.

[Tiramisu 2 Final] gamemodes/tiramisu/gamemode/schemas/global/plugins/inventory/cl_inventory.luaL109: attempt to index local 'itemtable' (a nil value)
  1. SetItem - gamemodes/tiramisu/gamemode/schemas/global/plugins/inventory/cl_inventory.lua:109
   2. unknown - gamemodes/tiramisu/gamemode/schemas/global/plugins/inventory/cl_inventory.lua:589