Help with Trains (Compiling aswell)

Hi guys, due to the recent update my Map will not work correctly with the current version of Garry’s Mod; There are two trains which connect both halves of the map, walking it would take quite a while, hence the reason for the train.

The only fix I can possibly think of is re-compiling the map, but this will take 48 hours, or even more.
Does anyone know a possible solution to this?

Thanks anyway guys :slight_smile:

New York City doesn’t have any suburban areas. It’s all city. Hence the name.

Don’t worry guys, it’s based on the suburban parts.

While the atmosphere is certainly there and i see no resemblance to NYC at all, i can suggest to keep going the route you’ve choose. Purely from a first glance all i see is reused combine assets, if that’s what you’re going for then keep going.