Help with Twitch drops

I have linked my steam and twitch account, I got the shroud hoodie and XQC ak and the sofa and the door, I clicked claim on all of those items, sofa and XQC ak were claimed hours ago, but until now still nothing has appeared in my inventory. tried unlinking and linking again, tried check for missing drops. nothing so far, any help?

anybody? please?

You may be able to find help here: (Rust Discord)

Got the same problem , done the same as you did and nothing up to this point. I send a ticket where I told them that have done all this to Facepunch but the only replay from them is to fallow the steps to disconnect - reconnect relog , unlink and link and missing drops button so for now no help from anywhere. Send a reply to them that this dose not work but no replay from facepunch to this moment.

Hello I need help with this problem
Two hours later
Hello?!?! Anybody?! PLEASE I AM IN NEED OF HELP!!!

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New link about this problem: I haven't received my Twitch drop – Facepunch Studios

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