Help With ULX Admin Mod?

I recently noticed that when ULX and ULib are together on my server, I cannot spawn props, the Q menu and everything else works but when you click on a prop icon, it makes the sound but does not spawn the prop. I’ve put ULX in alone and it worked, I’ve put ULib in there alone and it worked, but when they’re together the prop thing happens! I posted on the Ulysses forums but nobody replied to me :frowning: so I thought I could bring the matter to you, the more lively people to see if you can assist me. I think it has something to do with the SVN or something, I found a thread created on Ulysses showing a person with the exact same problem and it eventually get’s solved, but I didn’t understand how he solved it because he explained it weird, here is the “solution”:

Oh well i didnt knew there was a link between Urestrict and Unolimited ;).
Anyway I removed it from the server and now it works perfectly !
But I didnt loaded Urestrict so I cannot say more…

I Hope both aren’t broken because they are good ulx addons…

I just don’t realize how to remove Urestrict and Unolimited

[EDIT] I don’t even have Unolimited but I think it’s Urestrict given the fact that in the author’s topic of Urestrict he says that it is only guaranteed to work with Sandbox, I’m running DarkRP. I do not know how to remove URS (URestrict), I need your help in removing it, I can’t find anything related to it in my ULX folder or ULib folder.