Help with ULX and Ulib

I tried installing ulx and ulib through my xenon servers game mods installation and it installs but everytime anyone trys to join the server it gets stuck a parsing game info

Have you tried waiting it out?
Do you have any other admin mods?
Tried restarting the server?
Any addons that may conflict?

I have tried waiting it out, i have 2 other admins on my server that both have the problem, ive removed ulx and once i do everything works again, i have tried restarting the server. And the addons, i dont believe so, what do you mean by addons that may conflict?

It seems as though ULX is broken, I recommend switching to ASSMod or Evolve. I personally use ASS, it has a few lua errors, but works fine. Evolve is much more slick and has more features, but on my server causes props to fall trough the floor for some reason :v:

I would but assmod doesnt open up the menu all the way and gives all the admins an error saying something like coulnt OpenSubMenu and im running a darkrp server and evolve doesnt give me tool restriction

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Nvm i found out a way to get ulx to work by using an older version of it, but now whenever i try to do a command it says unknown command ulx?