Help with Ulx lua command !returnweapons

Does anyone have made a ULX command that does when u type !returnweapons player it gives back their weapon cause that i need for my server plz if u have post the code

Give back their weapons before what? What gamemode?

Darkrp if they get rdmed or cdmed or something like that

You can store all of their weapons in a PlayerDeath hook and use those for the command

There is no code?

Why would you expect us to spoonfeed you code?

Maybe u should shut up when u dont know what we where talking about he said he said it in my other post but he forgot to put the code

(User was banned for this post ("maybe you shouldn't reply with shit posts" - UncleJimmema))

I have compiled a list of every Facepunch user who is willing to provide you code simply upon request:



Oh man, I totally want to help you now. You have such a way with words.

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He also didn’t ‘forget’ to put the code, he had no intentions. He was referring to how he told you to do it.