Help with ULX

Is there a way to make ULX ban someone for, let’s say 5 minutes after they are kicked? I need to do this because kicking is not very effective when they can just reconnect.

Why not just ban them?
In console: ulx ban Brandon 5 Hiho

Yes i understand this, but i have a Group that is not allowed to Ban, but only kick.

If they cannot ban, then they cannot ban… You have to give them the ability to ban for them to do so or else they cannot even do a 1 second ban… If they only have kick access then they can only kick, no sorts of banning is allowed for them.

Well, they don’t have access to the !Ban command, this does not mean that if i were to make a command that banned them for 5 minutes after kick, that they would not have access to it. Technically they are still only using the !kick command.

Then I have a good suggestion for you! Use google! XD

LOL, looking up things for Gmod is a joke. You can’t find shit! That’s when i come to FacePunch hoping someone might know.

Allow them to ban but restrict the time they’re allowed to ban.

I would pretty much go with this. There isn’t a module built into ULX which allows for banning a user once they have left.

Well, they do have the option to use ulx banid which bans the users steamid. its great for when they are not ingame!