Help with update today

For a while I’ve been using xDShot’s CSGO knives on my TTT server, until today the animations have broken and which was seemingly caused by nothing. There are people saying there was an update but there’s no record of it on steam or .

This is just a sample code for one of the knives:

There is no actual lua error, just the animation keeps refreshing like this

I think it’s caused by the SWEP:Deploy function refreshing for some reason but no idea why, this exact code worked perfectly before

I tested the script you posted and the other knives.
I encountered no issues.

Could it be a problem with the models you have?

The models have worked previous to this update, I’m pretty confused here.

Maybe you use cracked CSGO content? If so, either buy the game, or redownload the models.

wtf are you talking about? first off you are referring the CSS content, i’m talking about CSGO knives from the workshop made by xDShot, can you please read the post

Edit: apologies realised this comment seemed a little aggro just felt like you were accusing me or something, thanks for trying to help anyway

Theres also cracked CSGO content available on the same website. There were many on FP who came with bugs and errors, and the cause was, that their cracked files were outdated, so I had to make sure. :c

okay, i’m not sure about that but the file uses these by xDShot and i’m pretty sure they aren’t cracked. Anyway I don’t think that the fault comes from the models because they all worked perfectly before. It seems like the function SWEP:Deploy function is being looped or something (reason I think this is because this controls the draw animation which is the one constantly repeating and overriding the other animations in the video), though I have no idea why it’s looping, it didn’t before the update

Edit: well nevermind thats ruled out because i removed the act_draw animation in the deploy function and it still happens