Help with using the morpher modifier in 3Ds max.

Hey guys, I’m having trouble using the morpher modifier with a model i’m rigging. I’m wanting to use the model in some animations in 3Ds max but something weird happens when i use the morpher with bone animations.

The model like goes off track trying to go back to its original position before animating it, But if you know what i can do to fix this thanks and here is a video i posted that show’s the problem. It happens at 0:01 cause i’ts a 4 second video just showing my problem.

So… does anyone know what the problem is?

Well… i just figured this out on my own so i guess i made this thread for no reason. XD
found my awnser at this site:

01-23-2007, 09:53 AM
the morpher should always go below the skin because the modifier panel is calculated from the bottom up. ie. morphing will be calculated, then skin will move the verts according to the bones.

if the morpher is over the skin, you will find that you animated your character via bones just fine, and then when you use a morph target, all the verts of the character returns to its original position in space into the ‘morphed pose’