Help with VTF

Basically I am making a HUD via darkrpmodifications/lua/darkrp_modules/ and I need to draw an icon onto it, I have been using a png file like so:

local ico1 = Material( "wcserverscustom/hud/health-icon.png", "smooth mips" )

Then later on, in the drawhud hook

surface.SetMaterial( ico1 )
surface.DrawTexturedRect(ScrW() - 40, ScrH() - 240, 32, 32)

How would I alter it to use a vtf file instead, I tried changing png to vtf and it just made it pink even though it downloaded via fastdl.


If you have Photoshop or Paint.NET:

Try one of those.

Or use VTFEdit
Simply import the picture (BMP, DDS, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG or TGA)
And save it as a VTF (Remember the VMT aswell)