Help With VTFedit

Hi, guys. I’m having some pretty bad issues with VTFEdit and transparency.
Whenever I go for a transparent background for my texture, it starts likes this.
But that doesn’t work. It comes out just like this.

Any help?

-Posted on behalf of _VeXan

You need to use the alpha channel for the texture in order to make it have a transparent background. For the alpha channel, you need to make what you want to have showing appear as white, while everything else that’s meant to be transparent needs to be black. There’s some tutorials around for making transparent sprays for the Source engine that explains this a bit better, but it still applies for models as well; the only difference is that you need to have certain things listed in your .VMT, if I remember correctly.

Do you think you can give an example of this? It’s a bit difficult on my end.

I don’t have any immediate examples of my own to provide, so I’ll instead provide someone else’s video that actually taught me about working with the alpha channel for .VTF files (it’s meant for CS:S buy-menu images, but the same info provided in the video can still be used for models). As stupid as it might seem, I actually learned the rough basics of working with the alpha channel from this video: