Help With WallWorm VMF exporter?

Hello. I’m trying to use WallWorm to export this .obj I have, but when I export the scene as a vmf (because I want to use it as a whole map) to try to put it in hammer and open it, it shows up as blank? I did seem to export the textures properly, though. Could someone please help me? If it matters at all, I’m using this for Team Fortress 2.

You may find that process challenging bringing it in as an OBJ file. Even though WW exports VMFs, the nature of the objects matter when trying to export world geometry (which must be convex).

In the past, these endeavors have failed when people have asked about converting an OBJ that was usually generated from a decompiler of a level from another game–because the decompiled geometry is usually not convex pieces but often concave (or composed of planar pieces).

Generally speaking, exporting levels is best when you’ve designed the level from scratch inside Max and have specifically set up the world geometry.

My best advice is to try this:

  1. Convert the object to poly
  2. Enter Vertex subselection, select all verts and use the weld command
  3. Enter Element subselection, detach all elements as individual objects
  4. Select all the objects
  5. Open WW Anvil in Menu, go to Tags menu in Anvil and press the Add button in the World geometry menu

Now test exporting as a VMF just to see if the VMF opens in Hammer.

I am doubtful of it but those are the steps I’d start with.

Complex/concave geometry should not be tagged as World Geometry. Instead, export them as models with WWMT.

Good Luck.