Help with water and lighting!

Hey, i’m making a map and i went to go test it in Garry’s Mod. i noticed that the water was exceedingly bright! Here is a link to a picture below
If anyone knows how to fix it please reply back. I’ve already asked someone, but they couldn’t solve it. Thanks for any help at all!

Have you tried using any other water textures than whatever one you’re using?
Also I think cubemaps could help.

Is there anything unusual in the compile log?

[yournamehere], I’ve used this texture several times before on other maps and no problems.
Standard Nerd, No I didn’t find anything unusual at all.

Post the compile log anyway, so we can take a look.

Double check you aren’t using a _cheap, _dx7, _beneath, etc. version of the water texture.

Adjust settings on your light_environment to make the map a bit dimmer if you want to. You can pull default skybox values from this list

I’ve fixed it. I was using a bad water texture. The map now looks 10x better, thanks to firegod522!