Help with weapon

First off, to be honest I’m pretty much strictly new to this. Right now I’ve been trying to edit this portable turrent created by Zoey in the MW2 weapons 2.9 pack (Pack). Basically, what I want to know is if there is a way to allow the turrent to be deleted by the owner of the turrent and give back 1 ammo if you press E on it while near it, WITHOUT creating an entity for it since I’m not quite sure how to. As it is NOW you actually can pick it up and it WILL give you back 1 ammo however your ammo has to be 0 in order to pick the turrent up. Say you place 2 turrents down, only one may be picked up out of the two because picking up 1 would increase your ammo to 1. Can someone show me a way to be able to pick up more then 1 turrent at a time while still retaining the fact it takes one ammo to place it and gives 1 ammo back when you pick it up? I would greatly appreciate it, or unless someone can even add the turrent as an entity for me which works with it then that would be awesome too. Below I’ve included the given turrent LUA code of the turrent (lua/weapons). Also, if someone decides to help me with making an entity for it, theres a weapon in the pack with an entity that is very similar to what I want (mw2_engitool1_ent).