Help with Whitelisting

Hello All!

I currently run a public, non-modded vanilla Rust Roleplay server, and it is starting to get more and more popular which is great! Problem is, as the population grows, trolls and people who simply want to join the server to break every rule possible and ruin everyone else’s experience are becoming more prevalent.

I’m currently trying to explore options to combat this to the best of my abilities, and one of them is to possibly make the server whitelisted if it gets to a point where it becomes essentially unplayable.

I know there are plugins to accomplish whitelisting; however, I would rather not make it a modded server unless I absolutely have to (Just personal preference). Is there a way to enable whitelisting via our Steam Group, for example, without having to use plugins? I have tried to search for an answer, but have not really come up with any clear-cut solution.

I’d appreciate any and all advice!

Thank you very much!

Try this

Thanks, but It doesn’t look like the Rust Essentials plugin is around anymore. Their website still exists, but the forums look abandoned and the download link is dead. The creator’s last post here in the Rust Essentials thread was from a year ago.