Help with Wiremod and Network

  1. What has happened with wire mod recently? When I try updating it it says it’s been moved to a different URL. I’d assume that I would need to change the update URL to whatever that is, but how would I do that? Or am I wrong and it’s something completely different?

  2. My friends recently got gmod and another friend of mine hosts servers(locally) for us to play on. Everybody seems to be able to join him except me. Including random people. I know for a fact that they haven’t done anything technical they are just able to join. However when I view game info it says his server isn’t responding. How would I correct this issue? I’ve tried allowing exceptions for gmod and steam on my firewall and even disabling my firewall has no effect. I am connecting with a router, but because of distance I haven’t been able to try a direct connection. I am able to connect to his tf2 servers after some tweaking on my own computer(not the router) but I seem to have forgotten what that was, would that potentially help me?

  3. If I’m not able to connect to his, I’d like to create my own local server. What would I need to do to make this work. Most guides mention a lan 0 and heartbeat, but they aren’t terribly specific( I know a bit about computers and networking, but I’m not an expert).
    Thanks is advance for the help!

join via friends.

2: tell him to give you his external IP. When you click view game info you are seeing his LAN IP.
3: Open ports ( )

Thanks that’s immensely helpful, but I have one more question, if I make a local server is there a way to force people to download certain addons? Or is that only on dedicated servers?