Help with wiring cameras to monitors

Hey all,

I’m building a spaceship in Gmod atm; it’s going really well (I think so anyway). It’s a three-person ship - one captain and two others who have laser guns to shoot. I’ve wired most of it up - the captain can drop bombs with mouse2 and shoot his big cannon with mouse1, and can rotate the cannon with Shift and Alt. The same for the two shooters, they can use Shift and Alt to pivot the mouse2 gun (a smaller cannon than captain) and mouse1 fires smaller guns which just point forward. I need to work on the flying system and other parts but I’m sure I can manage that. What I’m having trouble with is cameras. I want each user to have screens and lights and consoles etc around them, partially to make it look better and partially for actual use. I want one of the screens to show from just below the pivoting gun, to show where it’s aiming. Obviously I could do RT cameras and an RT screen but there’s more than one gun, and I also don’t want to be using the numpad whilst flying.

The bomb dropping device is just a PHX bomb set to a Wire prop spawner; when the captain in his seat hits mouse1 it spawns a bomb which explodes when it hits the ground. I’d like to attach a camera to the Wire prop spawner here so that you can see exactly where each missile hits. Is this doable? Please help!!

Also if possible - for my next ship I’m going to add escape pods. It’s just from Spacebuild, the first object in Station Parts, with an iris door wired to the bottom. Inside the ship part there’s a suspended Pod. just the HL2 Pod. I want to know how I can get this to detach either when entering or when you press a key whilst inside it, but I don’t want a breakable weld. Is there any other way?

Best you could do is a wired cam controller using localized vectors and a base entity.

whosdr is right. The cam controllers would work best for this.

The lowest price for Canon EOS 7D IS USM Macro IS USM Macro IS that I could find so far is here: