Help with wolfs (noob)

Hello, new to the game and have my own server for relaxed play, is there anyway to stop wolfs being in the game until I figure out the game? tried some old mods but getting errors compiling.

“[Error] Error while compiling: NoAnimals.cs(32,48): error CS0246: The type or namespace name BaseNPC' could not be found. Are you missing ProtoBuf’ using directive?”

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

No need for mods. You can control populations for animals using the admin UI or convars. For wolves it’s “wolf.population 0” (the default is 2).

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Thanks, yea I did this but wolfs were still in the server, found out the hard way and lost too much stuff, weird it didn’t apply as expected, anyways il will try again and see if it works this time.


Alternatively bring a building plan and 25 wood with you.