Help with youtube video when player spawns

so when the user spawns into the map… they will be forced to whatch a youtube video… when the user connects to the serve… not every time they respawn… but when they frist connect to the server…

ive heared that i can do player:inisalspawn but then in the whiki it says player is sending client… which is not good… cause they still sending client and then all they can hear is a youtueb video

Please Help


Why do you want people watching a YouTube video when they’re coming on your server to play?

its a 15sec video to explain the server.

Do not expect to get many players on your server if your going to force them to watch a video.

Thank u

i have decided to not do this.

You would use a hook to hook into playerspawn and then open a url steam browser to your youtube video. I think a good learning key in this would be how do you differentiate whos NEW to the server and who has played there before so returners don’t get spammed with the video. If you can figure that out then put this shit on your server and call it a good learning experience.