Help with zombies

Hi… i run a zombrp gamemode server… I fixed many things on it… but the biggest problem now is that the zombie npc’s dont do any damage! I have AssMod installed if it has anything to do with this… someone please help me if you know how to fix this.

I got assmod too and i have the same problem.

Anyone know a solution for this?

Can you take damage from anything?

Same problem here but installing ulx doesent help but it might be a concel comand or somthing in utilertys but u can still take damege from head crabs plz a solusion I was about to post a thread until I sore this
ps sorry for bad spelling

Sorry To bring this back but plz I need a solusion

Yeah I take damage from headcrabs and any other weaponry… but no type of zombie can hit me or anyone else on the server. Except headcrab

One Word.
Prop Protection.


Can u sugest a pp that stops this? Link maybe

My Guess is That Damage Protection is on.

Either that or its a Clash of PP.


Ok then…

Thanks for the help Soul-Chicken… really helped me :slight_smile:

What do i do to fix this problem?