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So I’ve been working on a map for awhile and I finally decided to compile it. Unfortunately, I keep getting this error.

VBSP: material "heartbit/credits" not found.
VBSP: Material not found!: HEARTBIT/CREDITS

I already know that this means the map is referencing a texture that doesn't exist in my game. What I don't know is where it is and how to find it, because I'm using literally only textures from Half-Life 2 and it's expansions. So. What do I do?

EDIT: Fixed problem. New problems have arisen! Oh well.

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VBSP Completed: Wednesday, January 02, 2013, 6:17:42 PM
VBSP: 4…5…6…7…8…9…10**** leaked ****


Is there any way I can find the leak *quickly *and patch it?

To find leaks
Map > Load Pointfile

you sir are a handsome person.

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Another update.

I have this random Pointfile just sitting out in the middle of the void. What do I do about that? Do I just put a skybox over it or…?

Map > Unload Pointfile

I don’t mean to derail the thread but what intrigues me is the “heartbit/credits” and how your vmf is called rp_city17_v2**_d**.