Help! Zombies!


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Help! Zombies!

It combines all the elements in a game that I think are fun.

Gameplay Mechanics
A group of players must survive a zombie onslaught for as long as possible.
Map Addons
Mappers may add levels that can be unlocked at certain waves.
Mappers may force the game to start.
Money is given out when players kill zombies or pick up loot boxes.
Loot Boxes
When loot boxes are opened, a weapon will replace one of their current loadouts.
Health Packs
Health packs will heal a small amount of the player’s health.
Ammo Drop
Just gives ammo/metal.
Before spawning or when dead, players are able to choose their loadouts. The player can also toggle their loadouts at the spawn zone.
When buying new weapons, the player must specify a new slot for their weapons.
• Shambler/Slow zombies.
• Fast zombies.
• Toxic zombies, throws toxic waste at you.
• Exploding headcrabs, runs at you and explodes in a proximity. Glows green.
• Mechanic Zombie, high damage, throws things at you.
Support Weapons
• Dispensory
• Portable Spawnzones
• Turrets
• Mines
• Fire Pit


Old Help! Zombies! OP is saved down here. New OP because the game has changed a bit.

If you need help on the coding side, I’ll gladly provide some snippets of code, I have from my previous work.

I’m looking for a script that will properly point to offscreen entities. Right now I just clamp the positions which results in an ugly effect when the player is turned 180 degrees from the entity. I’m experimenting with using directional normals and then slowly interpolating between the directional 2D position and the ToScreen positions when the ToScreen position is offscreen.

I was a little skeptical about the idea at first but it actually looks pretty neat. The voice for every time you kill something is pretty annoying to me though.

It’s going to be replaced with a small “ding” reward sound, for the EXP.
The more rewards the players think they seem to be getting, the more happier they will be.

Hentie you should make slow zombies and meduin fast zombies and make the zombies models look like zombies and make the gamemode like l4d1 and l4d2 and add special infected

Eh. I have no idea about making zombies look like zombies, but I can make slow and fast zombies.

Nah. (Isn’t it already… inspired by L4D? I’m not trying to make an exact copy, I want to add my own gameplay aspects to it too, bro.)

Add objectives or well like go to somewhere and take the key to open the car Or only add diferent type of zombies and weapons

Can u add weapon customly that would be great so i can add my weapons to start with in the beginning

You’re best bet would probably to be editing the skin of them, maybe just a quick go in Photoshop add some blood effects and stuff on their bodies and stuff that would make them look more like zombies.

This looks like a cool video, do these songs actually play in the gamemode or is that just editing the video? I’d laugh so much if that was in the gamemode. Really good job man.

This is a good idea, This will be a good replacement for zombie survival.

Even though this isn’t finished, I’d still love to see a release of what you have done so far… Or will this not be released?

Look up rusty’s zombie model pack. It contains good zombie models. You can find it on file front.

Your writing style is amazing.

The gamemode itself sounds very fun. Hope to try it soon.

I like the zombies being just normal citizens it makes a change. Maybe this is just me.



They do play.

I absolutely agree with you.

Each round has it’s own individual weapons. There will be no inventory saving. The only thing keeping the player in the game would be the small perks. Otherwise, it’s an arcade game and you start out with almost nothing.

I got the font from this Geocities page:

I will not add custom models or materials. Everything will be vanilla. Nothing from counter-strike either.

There will be no custom weapons, it is using the borderlands style weapon randomization.

I have no idea why people are posting things that are already answered in the OP.

I have been following this since the first video of this appeared on YT.
But please, just tone down the “FANTASTIC” when you kill one, please.

Update on gameplay change:
There will be respawns after you die, but the respawn time will increase as waves progress. Everyone will respawn as a squard, meaning they’ll all respawn at the same time. (Kind of breaks the second text box’s message to pieces, but there still won’t be any incentive for dieing.)

To comply with people being able to respawn, zombies now do more damage and have more health.

Respawns will work in the way of crate drops; meaning a crate will drop, and someone has to go and open up the crate. Players will spawn in a crate and someone will need to open the crate up.

When I first saw them in the video it did actually surprise me in a good way. Seeing some guy with grey skin and groaning isn’t scary any more. Something about them just being people to me felt a bit more exciting and real. It’s hard to explain.

I’d love this game as a mod too seeming as I rarely play Gmod these days because this looks fun. It could then just be you host a game for your friends, which would be awesome. I love playing more with my group of friends in a co-op way. I sometimes like to play with strangers but I seem to be much more immersed when it’s just people I know. Though the chances of this are so low, so I’m going to rate myself optimistic. :v: