ok so i have a moterela clearwire model #=rsu-2510-fv,and i want to host a garrysmod game but it always goes to lan,so ppl told me to goto,and o cant find my router! so if so could someone help,or tell me what to do to host!

thanks…- Mike


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You need open ports, and SRCDS. Download Srcds and make the server, c if a friend can join. Some routers dont need forwared ports…my old one didn’t…If noone can join. Google your model…

like how do i open ports? thats the thing,i was going to but then i couldnt find my router on the list… when i host its lan though…

It will show up on the lan list because your hosting it, and its going into your router. goto get that IP give it to a friend. If he joins no need for it. If not, post a thread on yahoo answers or somthing. And mabye they will tell you how.
Or go to and look for one closest to yours. if u cant find it. Then post a thread on yahoo, or google it.

The ports u need open are:

27015 - 27020 UDP, TCP
27005 UDP, TCP

27015 - 27020
27005 - 27005
27039 - 27039



i can tell you how to get intop your router tho. go to start\run and type CMD press enter, when CMD comes up. Type in IP config. Now Your Default gateway is the IP to your router. Put that into your internet browser. And u should be on your router page.

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w8 its a modem,do i still have to forward ports with a modem? if so what do i do to get to the port forward place? sorry if i sound like a noob,ive just never hosted a game that much in my year of gmod :frowning:

i got it to work,and am hosting,but what about dedicated servers? like are they free or do you always pay?