How do I get in my friend’s gmod game, or have my friend get in my gmod game?
I go to “Create Multiplayer”, and I ask him to get in, but it says “Failed to connect”.
Does anyone know how I can get in my friend’s server.

Make sure that your friend has port forwarded whatever port the server is using on his router.

How would he do that? Step by step please, like you’re talking to a chimp.
I’m sorry, I’m such a noob.

Well first of all when you go to create multilayer make sure that LAN game is unchecked.

To forward ports, go to “” then find the router that you have in the list.
The website will then give you a games list however Garry’s mod isn’t in that list. So instead
just click on any game at all it doesn’t matter. It will then display instructions to get into your router.
It will say something about you need a static IP address (which you do) and to enter it in a bar. In order to find out what this address is, simply open your Start Menu and click Run (if you have vista you will have to search for “run” in the search bar cause vista doesn’t have run in a permanent location in the start menu).
In the window that pops up type, cmd. This will open a command prompt. In the command prompt type:
“ipconfig” (without the quotes) and it will display information. There will be one entry that says
IP Address… and then there is a number which usually starts of like, 192.168.1… its ok if it doesn’t its just the number that important. So type that number into the box on Then follow the instructions till you get to a part where it shows a box that had stuff above it that say things like, application name, port range,
ip address and so on. It will tell you to enter information in those boxes, though since the application on the website isn’t Garry’s mod there are a few things you have to change. Make sure that the Protocol is set to “Both”, for the Application name make it “Garry’s Mod” and for the public and private port numbers they tell you to enter, change the first number (the one before the dash or squiggle to the next box) in public and private to 27015. Then change the other box after the dash or whatever, to 27020 in public and private. Then enter any of things it tells you to in those boxes that I didn’t tell you to change. After that part follow the rest of the instructions and then you are done.

Hope this isn’t too complicated :smiley:

And, I do this for both my computer and my friends computer, correct?

You do it for whoever has their computer running the server.

(Make sure your firewall has those ports open. :D)

Or if you can’t be arsed to ask how to, disable it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes the firewall ports are similar but can be extremely complicated. If the only firewall you have is windows firewall I recomend you turn it off not just cause of Garry’s Mod but because it sucks and pretty much doesn’t block the stuff you don’t want and blocks the stuff you do want.