I own a 20 slot Gmod 10 server which i really have nothing to do with at this point. I was running DarkRP for about 1 month, then had a major conflict with the co-owner. There server started to fail and I couldn’t get any RP mode back up. If anyone who has experience with scripting and running Gmod servers then do talk to me.

Join my clans vent (if you have a mic).

EDIT: By me asking you to help, im not asking you to do everything for me. I’m asking for custom scripts, help running the server, etc.

If you do assist me in this process you will get super admin and ftp access to the server. You will literally receive the same access level I have.

Wrong Section for this? Or not allowed to ask this question?

I don’t think trhta people would help you, mostly everytime they reget to do coding for someone else

Not asking for someone to do all the coding I ever want. I’m asking if someone is willing to help me run this server and co-own it. If any coding were going to be done then I’d do it. The only time I’d ask for coding is if I’m working on something else and won’t have the time to do so.